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The Power of the Team---Green World (China Region) Special Training Camp for Leadership
2018-12-28 09:40:27

From December 21 to 23, 2018, “The Power of the Team”--Green World (China Region) Special Training Camp for Leadership was held in Tianjin. This training camp was elaborately prepared by Green World (China Region) and the experts and famous tutors in the industry were invited to bring excellent lectures.

The first part of the special training camp:
China Direct Selling Analysis and Wisdom of Making Decision as Distributor;Interpretation on Green World’s Position in the Industry, Core Advantage and Growth Opportunity
By Professor Mr. Hu Yuanjiang, the famous expert in the industry

I. China Direct Selling Analysis
1. Total Development Environment Analysis of China Direct Selling Industry; 2. Supervisory Policy of the Station to the Industry; 3. Advantage Analysis on Enterprise with Direct Selling License; 4. Enterprise Revolution and Innovation in the Industry
II. Wisdom of Making Decision as Distributor
1. Wisdom of choose: legal, professional, sustainable, growing; 2. Wisdom of countermeasures; 3. Wisdom of creating income
III. Green World’s Position in Industry, Core Advantage and Growth Opportunity
1. Green World’s Position in Industry: Model enterprise with steady development in the industry; Model enterprise with global layout in the industry; Model enterprise with steady accumulation in the industry; Model enterprise with excellent brand image in the industry; 2. Green World’s Core Advantages: advantage of founders; advantage of scientific and technological strength; advantages of supply chain; advantage of globalization; advantage of new model; advantage of young people’s market; 3. Green World’s Growth Opportunity: Create the opportunity, share the opportunity and win the opportunity.

Green World Group was established in 1994 and World (Tianjin) Nutrition & Health Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. At present, Green World had four production bases all over the world and established branch offices in 40 countries, had over 2000 Green World living experience centers, which was the pioneer to snackify the health products. “From Nature, Beyond Nature and Back to Nature” is the health concept of Green World and “People-oriented and Honesty First” is the enterprise concept of Green World.

In the future, Green World will be more open and provide more high quality products and excellent business platform to the customers all over the world relying on the power of China. In 2019, Green World would seize the opportunity and achieve better performance. All Green World people had prepared well, let’s make the joint effort to win together!

The second part of the special training camp:
Special Training for Leadership (Three days and two nights)
By Mr. Wang Jiang, the famous tutor in the industry

1. The successful experience of leaders 2. The importance of learning for leaders 3. The ability leaders should have 4. How to manage and stabilize the team 5. How to cultivate elites in the team 6. Life plan 7. Password for success 8. Four footstones for the sustainable development of an enterprise 9. The wisdom of management 10. Orientation thinking in building the team 11. Efficient recommendation in building the team 12. Core competence in stabilizing the team 13. Principle and skills in stabilizing the team 14. Cohesion in stabilizing the team 15. Cooperative development in expanding the team 16. Goal programming in expanding the team;

Experimental training--the most advanced training method at present was adopted in this training camp. With high degree of participation , the participants learned more easily in joyfulness. Experimental method is mainly making participants personally experience and then internalized to their own behavior and habits. During the training, the problems occurred were solved, then emphasized that establishing branch through small meetings to maximize the power of the team and to create more performance in basic levels, thus achieving synchronous growth in both performance and talents and spreading business to each corner. Meanwhile the different operating methods were introduced to different teams to help better build and stabilized the team.
Through the training on commitment and regulations, the participants knew the relationship between commitment and themselves, and thus knew the importance of the relationship between the team and the enterprise, made their own personal goal consist with the big goal of the enterprise. The goal created from internal to external was the most true and powerful, beyond which the goal of the team was the most practicable.

The third part :
ABC New Retailing Model
By Mr. He Jiakun, the marketing director of Green World China Region

What is “ABC Model”? It is the abbreviation of “AUTO BENEFIT CHANNEL”.
It is the combination of on-line and offline;
It is the big data, the supply chain, the brand, the quality and the product;
It is the service, enjoyment, personality, and the experiencing!
It is high-end customization!
It is the new application and the Artificial Intelligence(AI)!
It is simple and relaxed!
It is beneficial!

In 2019, there will be much more incentive activities including Green World China Region Yearly Awarding Ceremony and New Product Release Conference held on January 8 in Tianjin, European Tour, BMW Awards and new products release conference in different places at regular intervals to assist with the market. The release of the new ABC retailing way and more high quality hot sales products will satisfy the requirements of more people. In the new year, the new age is coming, Green World will seize the opportunity and achieve the qualitative leap.

The fourth part:
Share the Health through the Concept of Cleansing, Counteracting, Regulating and Nourishing
By Ms. Zheng Huadan, the lecturer of Green World China Region

The year of 2018 was the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up and was also the 24th anniversary of the establishment of Green World. In 2019, Green World will provide more hot sales product to satisfy the demand of the market and stronger business platform to more ambitious entrepreneurs. Green World will compose the new chapter and create the new times together with you!

Green World is a business engaging in one thing by one group in one mind for all one’s life!

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